Each Equator will be certified in accordance with the FAR Part 23, category normal.

Some Technical Data

2 seats high performance amphibian trainer and
up to 20 seats in the amphibian commuter

  • push or pull configuration
  • pressurized cabin, low floor cabin
  • wide body class or cabin class
  • piston engine or turboprop

Special Versions for Special Operations

A panoramic vision glass cabin, including a picture window in the floor for watching, observation, inspection, exploration, prospecting, surveying, reporting, sightseeing, and photography with optical qualities. As bushplane with oversize wheels or Tundra-tires or as a skiplane.

Paramilitary use for SAR - Coast Guard - Patrol and Control with Protection - Reconnaissance and Surveillance - Law Enforcement - Training - Liaison with Logistics - Agriculture - Oil-spill response - Ship to Shore resupply - Water Bomber - Firefighting etc