Technology and Ecology  

The increasingly widespread recognition of the fact that technology must fit into the natural world, enhancing its values for us, not destroying them, has determined our thinking in developing the Equator. Terms such as laminar and aerodynamic express this search for the relationships between flight-technology and the elements of water, air and earth, our flight-environment.

The Equator fits into this flight-environment so organically that the pleasure of flying is increased by the intensified experience of the nature of these elements: the acceleration in the water, the transition from water to air, the unobstructed view of the earth, the natural ease of touch down.

This deepened experince and increased enjoyment, together with the astounding beauty of the Equator all of which are co-products of our technical work lead us to think that we have discovered a new and universal law, which may be expressed as follows: The better a product is related to the total natural environment, the better and more efficient the technology becomes.

This is a radical departure from the commonly held view of that nature and technology are at odds with each other, that they are necessarily in opposition. Our experience leads us to think that this is the case only there where a technology - in spite of, or perhaps, because of its successes, though failure to take all of the factors concerned into consideration, has remained under-developed.

It is our conviction that in proportion to, and as a result of, increased understanding of nature, its elements, and all of its laws, a better and more efficient technology will evolve. We would like to consider the Equator a forerunner of this technology which we envision for the future.