Prototype water taxiing
The float wing acts as a large sponson, help for people in need, as a gangplank, fuel tank, seat for anglers, playground for bathing children and their animals and accommodates the retractable main landing gear.
The retractable hydrofoil has long been state of the art and enables an aerodnamic clean hull and makes the Equator seaworthy.
Taxiing over the beach or ramp in and out the water is simple with the steerable nose gear.
A group of academic flight students test the Equator in their own special way.
10 or 13 seater
6 or 8 seater
In midsummer in the Sahara together with the world’s first fiber composite bus, one of our technology transfer products.
A German cult heritage, people with masks inspected and test statically high technology.
Forests and fields will burn more and more in the future. Earthquakes, floods, wars and other disasters require highly effective rescue aircrafts. The young firefighters as contemporary witnesses also test statically the small water bomber.
Comparison flying: Flying is the highest of all mobilities with the lowest drag coefficient. With our amphibian system, it is the safest, most economical and most beautiful.
The shepherd says to his sheep: Don’t be afraid, the propeller is far away up there and the pilot can see you well.
Matthias Claudius, the romantic poet, would say at this picture: „And from the meadows rises the white mist wonderfully.“