With this powerplant location the aerodynamic laws have come to application with a genious compromise not disturbing the clear and streamlined beauty. In spite of the additional pylon effort of the powerplant, the low drag of the whole laminar aircraft and the efficient propeller make the Equator a time-saving machine, faster than a comparable classical airplane. With the removal of the propeller from near the ground, limitations are eliminated. New possibilities open up, as landplane not only for the amphibian. Due to the powerplant above the center of gravity this protean aircraft can be change the type, weight and power of the engine. Due to the balance of the powerplant location back, the Equator gets additional seat rows in front. Compared to the classical airplane, it can double the seat and space capacity, or with the same seat capacity, it is smaller in size, lighter, faster with more range. Due to the free slipstream of the efficient low noise propeller with an optimized diameter direct to the active rudder and elevator, the aircraft becomes controllable from the very beginning of the take-off up to and beyond the stall. The elevator trim compensates automatic the up or down moment when changing the power setting. The hot powerplant with its loud, poisonous und dirty exhaust gas as well as the dangerous propeller, are far away. In this geniously protected and aerodynamically correct position, it cannot be damaged, nor cause injuries to humans or animals. The reverse propeller thrust is helpful when landing on iced runways, as a support for the brakes in a STOL landing, and makes taxiing a pleasure, even in the smallest space, on land or water. Due to the high location there is no erosion possible. All of this results in longer life cycles by reducing the ingestion of water with foreign particle and guarantees many flying hours with a minimum of maintenance. The comfortable access to the powerplant from all sides makes inspections and maintenance simple.