This “love of wisdom” attempts to understand the world and human existence. Our philosophy differs from other knowledge-creating disciplines in that our core area is built on the basis of flora and fauna, logic, logical thinking and the ethics of right action.

Independent thinking developed in ancient philosophy – over the centuries differentiated on the different methods and disciplines of the world development directly or indirectly from philosophy, also in contrast to irrational or religious world views or myths.

Our philosophy is creating new knowledge through a fourth dimension of thinking by doing it ourselves, looking at it critically, doubting it and not just talking about it.

Water creates the real Fourth Dimension, the urban mobility of the future, by simply using it, but keeping it clean. This also applies to the air, which receives support with the help of reforestation.

Our aircraft system cooperates with nature and its laws aerodynamically, hydrodynamically, thermodynamically and mechanically. The unique selling point, the state of the art, the intellectual property through individuality and creativity with inventor height, was up to our testing all over the world

        not known – not mentioned – not suggested

In terms of psychological perception, laminar aircraft with aesthetic proportions show the timeless, technical poetry of natural beauty close to the golden ratio and thus sustainably with a timeless lifespan, not infinite, but with good treatment and care for several generations. The construction is just unusual, especially for the mass of pilots, who screwed themselves through the air with propellers in the nose of their planes, were pulled from airfield to airfield and at the beginning of their flying trained on this life-threatening, „foot-sick nose drill“ and thus been brainwashed.

The construction of our types is:

        not exotic – not extreme – not complicated – not risky

All components have prevailed over many years in flora and fauna and as high technology of natural and human intelligence in other industries, through the evolution of classic guidelines of producers:

  •   As little as possible _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  – by missing the superfluous
  •   Only as much as necessary _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  – simplify with what is necessary
  •   Reduced susceptibility to failure _ _ _ _  – due to fewer machine elements

The special thing about the Equator project with its wow-factor and synergy effects is that there is actually nothing special, nothing spectacular about it. Our aircraft are not ahead of the times, but with their philosophy they represent the current state of the art. Unfortunately, the others are so far behind – in 2019 it was 100 years.

Our role model is the universal water bird seagull and the bird egg. So today’s pilots are the contemporary witnesses of our fathers and grandfathers who, as pioneers, fulfilled their original wish of heavenly flight.